We are not on Facebook

We were on Facebook, with around 900 Likes. We were not happy to have that page, but everybody explained us that it was important. For example Google doesn’t consider you a cool guy, if you don’t have a lot of social activity – they told us. SEO, SEO, SEO!

So ok, we made our page, updating it daily or at least weekly with original contents, mostly links to our YouTube channel, where we publish original music videos. 

Then we noticed that nobody actually watched those videos from Facebook… And I mean nobody. On FB we regularly got a lot of Likes for the new videos, but nobody clicked to watch them.

Soon I discovered to be a Facebook addicted: every day I proofed how many Likes we got, I was sad if somebody decided to abandon us, and so on. But it’s all a nonsense. Facebook is a nonsense, as well as Twitter and Google Plus (a zombie social though). It’s a huge waste of time. Every day Facebook wrote us: reach more people in you area! With 100 bucks you will contact more and more persons… For what? To have more Likes? For what?

In three years nobody asked us a question, nobody wrote us.

Time is the most precious thing we have. Some months ago I decided to switch off the Seventies Berlin Facebook page. Are you sure? Are you really sure? Get your time to be sure-sure. I was not so sure, but I felt that even ten minutes on Facebook were ten lost minutes. Moreover, we are not politically correct, we don’t like the German political and social situation, we hate the European Union, we are not happy to have so many criminals around, mostly coming from abroad – and  so many rapes committed by self-named refugees. But Facebook is strictly a politically correct super pro-migration, pro-everything we don’t like. Why, I asked to myself, supporting something which is at the antipodes of what we consider intelligent and right? I switched off the Facebook radio page. I only regretted I did not it before.

Read books, listen to music, make love, don’t waste time on Facebook – nobody is really interested to what do you think or say. You get a Like so you will give a Like to another alone and sad person, a “friend” you don’t even know. And Mr. Zuckerberg laughs.