The Radio

Radio Seventies Berlin is based upon a 21,000 records library, mostly jazz music and music from the Seventies, 60% vinyl and 40% CD’s.

We have now just 15,000 tracks digitized from vinyl or ripped from CD’s. We offer a daily selection of tracks randomly picked up by the autodj software from a 600 tracks basket, every day we delete about 5 basket’s tracks and add 5 new tracks.

At midnight we have a program introduced by our main theme – Traccia 2 by the Banco di Mutuo soccorso – and the German national anthem. The tracks in this one-hour program are played following a tracklist. Every night two tracks are deleted or moved and two new tracks are added.

Buying the records, selecting the tracks, ripping or digitizing them, programming the radio, taking care of the website, recording the programs for the shortwave service, everything is a one-man work. The radio stemmed from a now closed recording studio, so our equipments (mixing consoles, microphones, turntables, preamplifiers, and so on) are the same used in commercial radio stations, or better.

All jingle voices are digital. The only human voice is by the musician and producer Carmelo La Bionda, a very good friend and supporter of the radio.