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Seventies Berlin is a non-commercial webradio: we get no money from our work, but we have to pay to work. We think that the Seventies have been the best decade as for music quality. Many important records from the Seventies have never been digitally released, or digital releases were remastered in a very bad way. For this reasons we offer a wide selection of original vinyl records: in the way they were intended to play.

We think it is important to spread this music among new generations, and bringing it back to people like us, who lived these sounds fourtyfive years ago.

Digitizing vinyl records is a money and time consuming task. Our equipments are even better than equipments used by state broadcastings, i.e. very expensive.

Our YouTube Channel is time consuming too. For each video we spend at least 30 minutes for video editing und uploading.

If you like this radio and want to support us, we ask you to donate every month just 1 euro or buck, or you can make a one time donation.

To receive your support we use PayPal. Everybody knows PayPal, it’s safe.

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