We are now active on shortwave. Every Saturday night from Germany with 10 kW power, and sporadically from Austria with 100 kW power.

Our main frequency is 3995 kHz, in the near future we are going to use more frequencies from other locations.

If you want to insert adds in our shortwave programs, please use the contact form – then we will send you our email address, or just call us. In this first phase, ad prices are quite interesting.

If you don’t have a shortwave receiver (but often you have it without being aware it’s a SW radio), there are many receivers connected to the internet. This one is a first list: – for 3955 kHz select a location in Germany, Switzerland or Poland, activate the radio, digit 3995 [enter] in the frequency field, select AM or SAM and enjoy our and other programs. If the signal is not good enough, try another location.

Bruneck Mediumwave Antenna

If it’s the first time you hear shortwave stations, perhaps you will be amazed by the not so good reception quality. Before internet, shortwave was the main instrument used by billion people to be anonymously informed about the world. Today when you click on an internet link, everybody – and we mean everybody: your government, CIA, Russians, Chinese, hackers, banks, big corporations, etc. – knows what are you reading.

In Western Europe it’s not a big matter, if you accept to give up your privacy, but billion people still live under dictatures or semidictatures, and for them just visiting a “wrong” website can be a good reason to be jailed or killed. And often, “wrong” means listening to a song or reading an unathorized article. 

We think that short- and mediumwave are an important way to safely communicate, and must be preserved.

Read here an interesting article on this topic: