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NEW! Found 30 original vinyl records from 1991, new and sealed! You can buy a copy together with the HD Audio files, shipping costs included! (Third Reward).

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Al Aprile & The National Geographix (1988) – crowdfunding

To support the digital release of the album by Al Aprile & The National Geographix, recorded in 1988, go on the crowdfunding website Vision Bakery. With just 9,90 euro you will get a mp3 high quality version of this album, digitized from the original tapes. With 14,90 euro you even get an HD audio copy of the tapes, and with 49,90 euro you wil get the audio files and a brand new vinyl copy of the album, released iin 1988. On Vinyl Bakery you can support us with PayPal or bank money order. To follow the project, subscribe to the newsletter. Your data will be used only to send you the newsletter, you can unsubscribe when you want. Release date will be December 21st, 2019

These audio tapes have been stored for 31 years: they contain six powerful tracks recorded in 1988 by the Italian artist Al Aprile and his band, The National Geographix. This collection of sophisticated music and dramatic lyrics can be considered the closing act of the Eighties, The tracks were recorded at 30 ips (76 cm/s) in the best Italian recording studio: you will enjoy an unbeatable audio quality experience!

The story
In 1988, the Italian artist Al Aprile and his band, The National Geographix, recorded their first and last album. Al lived in Milan, Italy, he was a well known musician, a music journalist and DJ, a music producer, and a bluesman.
The band had just completed the recording sessions, when the music label went bankrupt. After three years, guitarist and drummer found the money to buy the tapes. But Al Aprile had died in 1991, at the age of 31. His musicians released a limited and abridged version of the album, to remember him. This vinyl is very hard to find, today.


The album
This album by an obscure and forgotten Italian band can be considered the closing act of the Eighties. It’s a blend of dark, rock, wave, pop and blues music, with powerful lyrics describing a rich and enthusiastic world that is going to lose its compass. But in these songs, all the Eighties’ darkest sides – money as the ultimate goal in life, heroin, AIDS, loss of hope… – are transfigured by the beauty of music: the farewell to the decade becomes a moving hymn to life.
What I Need & What You Get
To digitize the three tapes recorded at 30ips (76 cm/s) I need about 500 EUR. Tapes will be digitized in Italy by Fonoprint, Bologna. I will personally pay for all subsequent costs (mastering, rights management, etc.), if not covered by the crowdfunding.
Today, CD’s are a no-go: they can’t handle HD Audio, and it’s more convenient downloading mp3 and FLAC files than ripping them.
The album will be digitally released in audiophile quality: mp3 (320kb), FLAC, HD Audio (192/24) and DSD. RIghts and distribution will be handled by CdBaby (Portland, USA). Regular price will be 11.90 EUR for the mp3 + FLAC edition and 19.90 EUR for the mp3 + FLAC + HD Audio edition.

The booklet and extras
Together with the Al Aprile album you will receive a pdf booklet containing many extras (in Italian), and some extra rare tracks from other Al Aprile’s projects (if the rights owners will authorize us).



 Il Sigaro d'Italia 1978 Il Sigaro d'Italia

download numbers 1 & 2 of the Sigaro d’Italia, music fanzine published by Al Aprile (1978, pdf, in Italian)

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